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Mr Ian Bacarese-Hamilton

Head of Department
Leg Lengthening

Leg Lengthening

Growing your bones - Surgery in London

Leg lengthening surgery in London

At Schoen Clinic London, we use the most cutting-edge technology available in the world today with an implantable limb lengthening device for stature lengthening. This involves inserting a telescopic intramedullary nail (a tube-like device into the marrow cavity of the bone).

There are limitations to how much lengthening may be achieved by any procedure and potential complications such as stiffness may limit how much you can be lengthened. Therefore, maintaining mobility and movement in your joints throughout lengthening by exercising and stretching is very important.

Our Head of Department, Ian Bacarese-Hamilton has an extensive experience in Trauma and Orthopaedic Surgery and a long-standing interest in leg lengthening.