Schoen Clinic Orthopaedic and Spinal Hospital London | 11.41 hrs. - 25.03.2021

"Five months post-total hip replacement surgery, I'm running 5km a day again"

Keen runner, Philip, tells us about his total hip replacement with Mr Rishi Chana.

With health and fitness coming to me somewhat later in life, I was quite surprised to notice that, at 51, my hip was starting to get sore and uncomfortable at times. Passing it off as muscular pain, it didn't stop me running or exercising – something that is pivotal to my life – but it was starting to irritate me and restrict my activities.  

I'd twisted my knee on the opposite side the previous year so my personal trainer and I thought it was a result of me overcompensating for that. I focused on strengthening exercises as the pain was in the area where the leg joins the hip, as well as the buttock, and I thought I must have a weakness in the muscle. But it didn't get any better and I was feeling more and more pain, with my flexibility disappearing at an alarming rate.  

The turning point for me was when my leg started to get 'stuck'. At times I was unable to move it, and I'd have to somehow jerk it back into place in order to get it going again. Needless to say, this started to seriously impact my running where I would find it would frequently get stuck in various positions. Something had to change – this was no ordinary muscular issue.  

I made an appointment with a physiotherapist, who quickly established that I would need to see a doctor. I had an online appointment with a doctor who then said I would need to see a specialist.  

Upon finding a specialist, I spent time doing extensive research on which orthopaedic surgeon might be the best fit for me, and I came across Mr Rishi Chana's profile online. I was immediately drawn to his personable and charismatic biography, and I just had a feeling that he was the right person for the job. I do think it's important to go into these things with a certain level of assuredness that you've done your homework.  

I quickly had my first appointment with Mr Chana who organised an X-ray and MRI scan of both of my hips. When I went back to see him for my full assessment, to say that I was shocked with what he said would be an understatement. Mr Chana showed me that the ball of my hip joint had been worn into an egg shape over time, which explains the sticking and popping sensations I'd been experiencing.  

He gave me my options: lifelong painkillers; keyhole 'patch up' surgery, which would potentially keep me going for a couple of years; a total hip replacement, which would sort the problem out once and for all.  

I won't lie, I was quite taken aback with the prospect of having a total hip replacement at the age of 51, but I know that these things happen and that it was the right choice for me. Mr Chana also saw that my right hip is degenerating too, which was a bit of a blow but I do feel a level of security having this knowledge so early this time.  

Mr Chana offered me an almost immediate surgery date at Schoen Clinic London but I pushed this back to September and after the school holidays.  Whilst waiting for my surgery date, it did cross my mind that it would be tougher to recover from Covid-19 at my age, post-surgery, but upon entering the hospital, I could see that I had nothing to worry about. I had a Covid-19 test straight away, and I could instantly see how clean the hospital was, with members of staff wearing full PPE at all times, and following the appropriate processes in order to protect themselves, and me.  

My surgery took place on a Thursday lunchtime, and by 6.30pm I was up and standing with very little pain or discomfort. The next morning, I was feeling much brighter and I practised walking with the physiotherapists, starting with two crutches and then progressing to one crutch by the end of the day. I was able to go home the next day but I decided to stay another night and make use of the excellent physiotherapists. Every single person I came into contact with were so supportive and caring – from the nurses to the catering staff. Everyone was brilliant, which made the whole process a lot more enjoyable for me.  

After two nights in hospital, I went home on the Sunday and was able to get around the house using only one crutch. On the Monday, I was even able to climb the two flights of stairs to the loft where my office is to catch up on some work. I needed some help with my drugs once I got home and the Schoen Clinic London aftercare team was fantastic. Really nothing was too much trouble for them, and their advice was outstanding.  

And where am I now in my recovery journey? Five months post-surgery I am running 5km a day again (pain-free!), which is a huge deal for me. During these strange and often quite bleak times, being able to run again is a really effective salve for the daily grind of life.  

I am extremely grateful to Mr Chana for making this process easy and successful for me. In doing my homework right at the beginning, I made the right choice in choosing a surgeon who is at the leading edge of hip surgery. Once it's time to replace my other hip, I know that I will be in safe hands with Mr Chana. 

Philip had a total hip replacement at Schoen Clinic Orthopaedic and Spinal Hospital London, with Mr Rishi Chana. For further information about how Schoen Clinic can help you, please call us or fill in an enquiry form. You can use your health insurance, or pay for your own treatment. Find out more about how you can pay for your own treatment here.