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“When I could no longer give my grandchildren piggy backs, I knew I had to do something”

Read the story of Schoen Clinic patient Nick, a 68-year-old avid cricket player, who underwent knee replacement surgery performed by Mr Sam Rajaratnam - using the ROSA® Robotic-Assisted Technology System.

I have always been active; I have played amateur cricket and football for most of my life, and even now I am a member of a couple of senior cricket teams. Despite a life playing sport, I suspect I inherited my bad knees from my mother, which no amount of physiotherapy could prevent.

Around 5 years ago I noticed that my knees were starting to get sore – too sore for me to ignore. I saw various physiotherapists and doctors, but as the pain wasn't too terrible, we kept putting off the inevitable. I strapped my knees into a brace when I played sports, which was quite effective but difficult to manoeuvre in. Taking long walks, a particular passion of my wife and I, was getting more and more difficult, and it was becoming almost impossible to play with my grandchildren – piggy backs were firmly off the agenda. It was becoming clear that my bad knees were getting serious.

I returned to see my specialist and broached the topic of surgery, however, they were unable to give me a timeframe for when I may be operated on. It is completely understandable that hip and knee surgery has slipped down the list of clinical priorities in present times, but the uncertainty of when the surgery might be was too much for me and I decided to look for other solutions.

I spoke to a GP friend of mine who suggested that there is only one person to see – Mr Sam Rajaratnam of Schoen Clinic London. I made the call and arranged an appointment there and then. Upon meeting Sam, we agreed the way forward for me would be to replace my knees one at a time using the ROSA® Robotic System. The robot would assist Sam in making sure my implants align perfectly, and would also allow for a relatively quick recovery.

I had no qualms about going into the hospital during the pandemic – it was very clear from the start that the hospital was immaculate, and the excellent team that looked after me was very clear with its procedures.

Remarkably, after my surgery, I was in no pain. I even had a shower on my own which the nurses were quite surprised about. Whilst in hospital, I underwent physiotherapy to get me up and walking, and this continued once I got home. I use ice and compression, as well as weekly physiotherapy to make the most of my recovery.

In the first week, post-surgery, I was walking using crutches, the week after I was using nordic walking sticks. Now I only use one stick, and I'm up to walking 7k steps a day whilst still undergoing physio.

I have arranged for my second knee to be replaced already with Sam, which I am genuinely looking forward to. I am determined to be back playing cricket for the 2022 season, with both knees replaced!

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