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Your worst fall. Your best call.

Every skier has a ‘worst fall’ story to share. We hope you don’t have a new story to share but it’s best to be prepared. We are not an emergency service but we are what you need next! Contact us to get the right treatment and rehabilitation plan, all in one place and specifically designed for you.

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Get rapid access to the finest ski injury specialists

If you suffer a ski injury it is likely you will first be treated by a resort doctor. However, ski injuries are often just stabilised in-resort to then be treated once you are back home. On your return home, our team will review your injury, discuss the options and provide you with the support and tailored treatment you need.

At Schoen Clinic London your one-stop appointment includes any diagnostic scans, rapid reporting and review by a consultant specialist to determine the best treatment and/or recovery plan for you. Contact us now and get the specialist advice and care you need to begin your recovery process.

Ski injury service: How does it work?

Ski injury service: Step-by-step

  • Step 1: Seek treatment from your nearest emergency service. If self-paying go to step 3.
  • Step 2: If you have private medical insurance (PMI), call your PMI for treatment authorisation.
  • Step 3: Call our ski injury helpline and arrange rapid appointment.

*UK-based treatment for individuals aged 16 and over.

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Meet our ski injury specialists

You will have access to some of the finest ski injury experts including knee surgeons, shoulder and elbow specialists, foot and ankle consultants, hand and wrist experts, sports physicians and chartered physiotherapists. The team are supported by our onsite imaging facilities including digital X-ray, MRI, CT and ultrasound through your recovery. Many are keen skiers themselves and between them they have many years’ experience in treating such injuries.

Physiotherapy team

Physiotherapy team

The physiotherapists at Schoen Clinic London are all Charted Physiotherapists, each with their own areas of expertise including sports injury specialists. Their focus is not just on returning people to skiing and sport but also on injury prevention and perhaps even performing better than they did originally.

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Our ski injury service at a glance

Call us from the slopes and we can even organise everything for you whilst you are still abroad for immediate access as soon as you return to the UK.

  • Determine the most appropriate specialist for your injury
  • Arrange any diagnostic imaging that may be needed
  • Arrange an assessment with a ski injury specialist 
  • Rapid reporting enabling same-day one-stop appointments
  • Detailed diagnosis and/or second opinion
  • Personalised treatment plan, including rehabilitation and aftercare

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