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Paying For Your Treatment

As a self-paying patient at Schoen Clinic London, you will receive first-class service all the way from the Consultant-led care you receive, to great food and your private en-suite bedroom. We strive to help you feel like a guest as well as a patient.

Gain fast access to orthopaedic or spinal treatment, when you need it.

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Why Choose Schoen Clinic London?

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The Benefits of Paying For Your Own Treatment

When it comes to your health, you deserve the best. As well as not having to wait for treatment, there are many benefits to paying for your own healthcare, which is why more and more people are choosing to do so.

At Schoen Clinic London you will:

  • Return to optimum health and mobility more quickly with access to an expert diagnosis and minimal waits for treatment,
  • All your consultations, diagnostic tests, treatments and physiotherapy happen in our hospital,
  • Choose which world-class Consultant you would like to see,
  • Have access to the very best evidence-based treatments which may not be available on the NHS.
  • Receive fantastic aftercare and support from our dedicated team,
  • Feel confident about the costs with our transparent treatment pricing and packages,
  • Relax with support from our onsite private patient team, every step of the way,
  • Spread the cost with our flexible payment plan.

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Fixed-Price Treatments at Schoen Clinic London

Open, Transparent Pricing

An initial self-funding consultation with one of our Consultant experts ranges between £250-£350 on average and a GP referral is preferable but not essential in most cases. Any tests or scans carried out will carry additional charges which you will be made aware of prior to anything taking place. 

Should you require a procedure, our fixed-price packages include your pre-operative assessment, hospital fees (nursing care, medications while on site, dressings, accommodation and food), surgeon fees, anaesthetist fees, standard prosthesis, inpatient physiotherapy, take home medication and one follow-up consultation (as applicable).

We also offer patients the option of spreading the cost of surgery with our payment plans with our partner Chrysalis Finance.

Please note these are guide prices only and can vary based on indivudual factors such as pre-existing health conditions, advanced prosthesis choices or extended length of stay. Individual treatment costs will be confirmed after your initial consultation.

Below are some of our most common procedures.

To book an appointment or for further information, call 0203 929 1086, email or complete our contact us form.

To find out more about our flexible payment plan, click here.

  • Lumbar disc prolapse (1 or 2 levels) - £8,150
    Decompression for central spinal stenosis (1 or 2 levels) - £8,120 
    Facet joint injection under x-ray control (1 or 2 joints) - £2,155
    Lumbar epidural injection - £1,650
    Sacral root block under x-ray control - £2,025

    Spread the cost with our flexible payment plan

    Prices spine surgery
  • Prices hip surgery

    Primary total hip replacement  -  £14,565
    Arthroscopic femoro-acetabular surgery for hip impingement - £7,350
    Hip arthroscopy - £6,125

    Spread the cost with our flexible payment plan

  • Total knee replacement - £15,435
    Knee arthroscopy (daycase) - £4,015
    Arthroscopic meniscal repair - £5,870
    Autograft anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction (excl. allograft) - from £6,475

    Spread the cost with our flexible payment plan

    Prices knee surgery
  • Prices foot and ankle surgery

    Total ankle replacement - £15,880
    Ankle arthroscopy (daycase) - £4,015
    Metatarsal osteotomy for Hallux valgus (daycase) - £4,760
    Unilateral metatarso-phalangeal cheilectomy - £3,275

    Spread the cost with our flexible payment plan

  • Primary total shoulder replacement - £12,470
    Arthroscopic rotator cuff repair - £6,130
    Arthroscopic subacromial decompression - £4,960
    Stabilisation of shoulder joint - £5,725

    Spread the cost with our flexible payment plan

    Prices shoulder and elbow surgery
  • Prices hand and wrist surgery

    Carpal tunnel release - £2,120
    Dupuytren's fasciectomy single digit - £2,740
    Release of constriction of sheath of tendon e.g. trigger finger - £2,530

    Spread the cost with our flexible payment plan

  • Prices leg lenthening surgery

    Self-pay prices are in the region of £75,000.

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