Treatment options

  • Knee osteoarthritis

    Knee pain in old age is not uncommon. The daily strain on our knees can lead to wear and tear. With knee osteoarthritis, our specialists at Schoen Clinic offer tailored treatment options so that you can receive the best possible treatment.
  • Shoulder osteoarthritis (arthrosis)

    Pain in the shoulder places a huge strain on your everyday life. It may be caused by wear and tear in the shoulder joint, also referred to as arthrosis. Shoulder specialists at Schoen Clinic have highly customised treatment concepts for this.
  • Sciatica

    It happens quite suddenly. Severe back pain in the back that radiates into the arms or legs. Numbness in the fingers. Muscle weakness. The diagnosis? Herniated disc.
  • Scoliosis & kyphosis

    Pain during everyday activities may be due to crookedness or bending of the spinal column. Our specialists at Schoen Clinic treat scoliosis and kyphosis according to your individual requirements.