International Patients

International patients are in the best hand with us
Internationally Renowned Reputation.

As a hospital, we have extensive experience in caring for patients from across the globe. Schoen Clinic London treats embassy, insured, sponsored and self-funding patients.

You can contact our International Liaison Manager Siham Awadalla direct by emailing or WhatsApp/call 07729 119404.

International patients at Schoen Clinic UK

Patients from around the world visit us.

Schoen Clinic London enjoys a worldwide reputation for  clinical and safety excellence. Our highly qualified Consultants and nursing staff not only possess a wealth of experience in their respective specialty areas, they also have many years of experience in treating and helping international patients.

We know what is important to you and we will do everything possible to help you before, during and after your stay with us.

Some of our staff are multi-lingual so that you can talk to them directly in your preferred language.

You'll feel at home with us.

We have dedicated liaison managers to support our international patients and their extended families for the entirety of their stay. Our liaison managers pride themselves on their in-depth knowledge and appreciation of cultural needs, enabling us to deliver a customised and premium experience for our international patients.

From initial contact right through to discharge, our experienced International Patient Liaison will manage your entire patient journey, provide cost estimates for treatment, organise clinical opinions on medical reports, liaise with consultants and deliver a variety of concierge services.

Reasons to Choose Schoen Clinic London.

  • We specialise only in orthopaedic and spinal treatments, as we believe this delivers the best possible outcome.
  • We were the first private healthcare provider to employ many of our Consultants to work together in Multidisciplinary Teams for the discussion of complex cases and decisions on the best treatment for any patient.
  • We rigorously collect and analyse patient treatment outcome data to drive continuous improvements and the very best treatments, based on the latest evidence and research.
  • Dedicated Liaison Managers support our international patients and their extended families for the entirety of their stay.

The Benefits. 

  • We have a VIP suite with discreet private access and accommodation for your chaperone.*
  • International menus catering for all dietary requirements, including Halal and vegetarian, as well as an on-demand in-room dining service from a number of the finest local restaurants.*
  • Multi-faith prayer room and all religious requirements catered for.*
  • End-to-end case management for embassy clients, self-payers and insured patients.
  • Interpreter services.
  • Private transfer services.
  • To keep you up to date, you'll receive Arabic and other international satellite television channels with us.
  • Complimentary in-room WIFI and international newspapers.
  • We assist you with the ‘Letter of Guarantee’ process.
  • We liaise with embassies or third party sponsors regarding billing and any other issues.

*Services available only at Schoen Clinic Orthopaedic & Spinal Hospital London.

International menus catering for international patients available at Schoen Clinic London

Next steps

For embassy, insured and sponsored patients.

  1. Speak to your embassy, insurance company or sponsor for their authorisation.
  2. Once we receive a Letter of Guarantee from your embassy, insurer or sponsor, we will liaise with them directly to arrange your hospital visit and treatment.

For self-funding patients.

  1. Contact our International Patient Liaison to discuss your needs, prices and to arrange your care pathway. Tel: +44 203 929 0809, email or WhatsApp/call 07729 119404.
  2. Send us any available clinical information such as medical reports, doctor's letters or test results.
  3. We will provide you with a quote for treatment. Prices will differ from our UK published prices as we offer additional premium services to our international patients such as interpreters.
Schoen Clinic London

Schoen Clinic UK has highly specialised hospitals and clinics.

Schoen Clinic UK focuses on two critical areas of healthcare; your physical and your mental wellbeing.

We have our super-specialised hospital for Orthopaedics, Spinal and Sports & Exercise Medicine treatments in London and 3 other hospitals specialising in anxiety, mood and eating disorders. 

We are at the forefront of modern medicine. Our world-class clinical experts will provide you with highly specialised treatment and care.